Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lenny Welch

Lenny Welch was a pop/ballad singer who had hit records during the 1960s.

In January 1964 or 1965, I don't remember the exact year, I was with my family (Mom, Dad and sister), shopping in a department store, S. Klein, in Yonkers, NY. My parents needed to buy a birthday gift for my cousin Suzanne, and it was either her 16th or 17th birthday. I really don't remember, but she was still in High School, that much I do recall.

We visited several departments in the store, and in the music department was a display of the latest record by Lenny Welch. He was there in person, too, sitting at a podium, autographing his record album cover, and giving away autographed photos. None of us had heard of him, actually, but my parents thought a nice gift for my cousin would be an autographed record album by a popular singer. Later that night, at the party, my cousin was surprised and happy to receive the record, as she knew and liked Lenny Welch's music.

After my parents had Mr. Welch sign the album for my cousin, I was right behind them on line, and asked him for a photo inscribed to my family. It can be seen here.

Mr. Welch is still very active in the entertainment business, and has his own website with much more information about his career.

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