Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jane Randolph

Jane Randolph was a beautiful actress who played both leading and supporting roles in several movies in the 1940s. I remember her specifically for her roles in three features: "Cat People" (1942), "The Curse of the Cat People" (1944), and "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (1948).

In 1982, I called her, after finding her phone number in the Los Angeles phone directory. Her married name was Jane Del Amo. She was very cordial and friendly during our chat, during which I told her of my appreciation of her movies. Another reason I called: I was trying to locate actress Lenore Aubert, who co-starred with Ms. Randolph in the Abbott and Costello movie, and was hoping she could tell me something which would help in finding her; she said she'd ask around.

I asked if it would be ok to send a photo for autographing, and she said it would be fine, as she no longer had any to send to fans.

It took a while to receive a reply from her, but after several weeks, Ms. Randolph returned this signed photo.

She also enclosed a two-page handwritten letter explaining the delay. It can be read here and here. The first part is dated September 10, 1982, as she 'd been in Mexico attending a watercolor workshop; the second part is dated October 5, because she had to arrange for her step-granddaughter to attend the Interpreter's School in Monterey, California.

Her closing paragraph re: Lenore Aubert: "Have not had any luck in trying to locate Lenore Aubert - but if I do will let you know". (Some years later, I did locate Ms. Aubert through other methods, and my posting in February about it can be read here).

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