Monday, May 19, 2008

Christopher Plummer - Out of the shower and dripping wet

In 1985, the delivery route for my job was in Southern Connecticut, and one of the cities I delivered was Weston. For a period of several weeks, once, sometimes twice a week, I'd deliver an envelope to actor Christopher Plummer, at his home. The envelope was from Canada, and I remember the "description of contents" on the air waybill was "Script: The Velveteen Rabbit".

At that time, all deliveries required a signature, and most times Mr. Plummer or his wife was home to accept the envelope. The few times nobody was home, I'd leave an "attempted delivery" notice, and return the next day for another try at completing delivery.

Mr. Plummer was always polite and cordial when accepting the delivery, and he'd quickly sign the manifest so I could be on my way.

One day, I rang the bell and knocked on the door, waited a few minutes, but nobody responded. As I walked back to my van, I heard a voice call to me. Turning around, I saw Mr. Plummer standing inside the opened doorway, with a towel wrapped around him, and he was dripping wet! He explained he'd been in the shower and apologized for not getting to the door sooner. I was somewhat embarrassed for him (and myself too), but when delivering to a private residence, a delivery person never knows what the residents are doing at that particular moment.

The irony of this is, during that time, I was still actively sending photos to people for autographing, and while I obtained Christopher Plummer's signature several times during the few weeks of delivering to him, I never once asked him for an autograph for myself!

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