Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alan Napier - 'Batman's Butler'

Alan Napier was a character actor in many movies from the 1930s, and many tv shows from the 1950s, until his retirement in the early 1980s. But I'll always remember him as 'Alfred', the butler, in the 1960s tv show "Batman" which starred Adam West as 'Batman' and Burt Ward as 'Robin'.

In about 1980, I called Mr. Napier, wanting to tell him my appreciation of his movie and tv roles. He was living in Pacific Palisades, California and was listed in the phone directory. The phone was answered by a young man, who identified himself as Mr. Napier's grandson. He told me his grandfather wasn't home, but promised to pass along my comments. I told him I would also write a letter.

In my letter, I requested a photo, as I didn't have one to send. Mr. Napier replied within a week, sending this photo.

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Jim Bigwood said...

You realize that his grandson (step-grandson, actually) was Brian Forster of Partridge Family fame?