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Danny Mummert - article by Frank Reighter

The interesting story below was researched and written by my long-time friend and fellow Three Stooges enthusiast, Frank Reighter. Danny Mummert was a child actor who appeared as the character 'Alvin Fuddle' in the "Blondie" movie series from 1938-1950.

There's about 30 people who help me search, and I'm sometimes able to help a searcher who is looking for someone who wasn't connected with the Three Stooges. That's what started what became a quest to find out...Whatever happened to Danny Mummert.

Danny Mummert was a child actor in the "Blondie" series of Columbia feature films from 1938 to 1950. He played "Alvin Fuddle", "Baby Dumpling Bumstead's" buddy. He appeared in 24 of the 28 "Blondie" films. His Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) filmography lists 48 film credits, and, as Don Easton, four more.

He was born in Dallas, TX Feb. 20, 1934, to Harry Baine Mummert and Winnifred Brown Mummert. Winnifred took him to Hollywood, where he appeared in his first film "Blondie" (1938) at age 4. He was an outgoing child with an awesome memory, and during WW II Bond efforts, he frequently made personal appearances for Military Bond Rallies and Fund Raisers.

After the "Blondie" series ended in 1950, Danny appeared in 13 more films as Danny Mummert, ending in 1956 in "Away All Boats". He is believed to have served in the military special services after that producing several Army Training films. As Don Easton, he is listed on IMDB as having appeared in 4 films from 1959 to 1963. He also is reported to have been a bit player and Assistant Director in "Crunch & Des" (1955), a one-season TV series featuring Forrest Tucker and Sandy Kenyon. It was filmed in Bermuda.

Danny's career, as well as his personal life after his movie career ended was varied and tragic. He was, at times, a Film Producer in TV, a Writer in Motion Pictures and TV, and in Commercial Advertising. He married at least 4 times: To Joan H. Hummel, to Helene L Harnett (they had 2 children, Mark E (B. 1959) and Janna H (B 1961), to Mae Louise Horwitz Helms (Md. Feb. 28, 1967) and Linda Louise Earl Moreno (Md. Sept. 8 1972 in Monterey, CA.). Linda was in the process of divorcing Danny (Now known as Dan, or Don, Easton). He did not appear at various divorce proceedings, but was mailed the proceedings c/o his mother Winnifred Mummert, at 2710 1/2 N.W. 12th St., Oklahoma City, OK.

On Saturday August 10, 1974 (The day before his divorce would become final), Danny, after having heard some upsetting news about Winnifred's latest boyfriend, borrowed/took her car, and a double barrel shotgun, drove outside the town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, placed the shotgun in his mouth, and using a pencil to span the two triggers,took his own life. His body was cremated under the auspices of Hahn-Cook/Street & Draper Funeral Home, of Oklahoma City, OK. The remains were buried in Noble IOOF Cemetery plot E-4-R38-9 in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

In a Three Stooges-related connection, The mother of his two children, Helene L. Harnett Mummert, later married Ricardo L. Cezon, who adopted the two children. They were married for 34 years, ending with his death July 7, 2001. He was the brother of Connie Cezon, who appeared in 6 Three Stooges shorts.

Frank Reighter c 2008

Below are two photos of Connie Cezon with The Three Stooges.


nonsportenut said...

Feb. 11, 2009. I just received an email from Danny Mummert's daughter Janna, that her mother Helene (who married and divorced Danny, and later married Ricardo Cezan, Connie's brother)died Jan. 12, 2009, from complications of COPD (Lung disease). Her body was cremated, and spread at sea. She, like Connie, was a member of the Neptune Society.

Frank Reighter

Anonymous said...

Hello from Germany. I did research on Danny Mummert and got to your blog only to find out about his tragic ending.
The reason for the research was that i saw an episode of "racket squad" from the early 50's ("The Elephant in Stockings" (1952).
If you like you can watch it online or even download.
Here is the link:

Greetings from Franco,Deutschland

anonymous2 said...

Danny was my mother's first cousin. I met him and Mark and Janna a couple of times. If someone has contact information for either Mark or Janna, please post it if privacy rules allow. Thank you.

jack said...

I was at Ft Ord 156-58 with Danny. He was always a cheery personality and I was saddened to hear of his demise.
I will always remember drives on 101 south of Carmel in his old Jaguar.
R I P Danny

Anonymous said...

I run a King Features Blondie movie page on Facebook. Does anyone have any pictures of Danny Mummert after his tenure with the Blondie movie series?

Myke said...

Just read about the very sad ending to Dannys life after watching him as a cute little boy in Blondie on a Budget, i would never have imagined this would be how his life ended and at such a young age. He was such a talented actor and will always be remembered. RIP Danny

Myke said...

Is there any chance you can tell me what happened to Marjorie Ann Mutchie who played Cookie Bumstead on 5 of the Blondie movies, or anything about her?

Anonymous said...

Are you the Frank Reighter who has been looking for Larry Dean Buckelew? I am his sister Jo Ann Lyn Bucklew (now Holden) you can find me on Facebook. I was referred to you by the other Larry Dean Buckelew who has nothing to do with the Little Rascals