Thursday, May 1, 2008

Actor and Others Fund Raising Event 1973 [PLEASE READ COMMENTS FOR DATE CORRECTION]

To follow up on my previous posting, on which I included a photo of Beatrice Arthur taken at the 1973 Actors and Others for Animals Fund Raising Event, held at the Burbank Studios, I'm posting some of the other photos. The event was very casual, and as I explained previously, attendees were expected to pay 50 cents to snap photos of any celebrity. Since I wasn't prepared for this, I didn't have a pocket full of coins, but now I wish I had. All captions refer to the photo directly below.

Doris Day auctioning some collectible items

Jack Weston surveying the crowd

Jonathan Winters signing an autograph for a fan

Loretta Swit and Monte Markham talking to Peter Bonerz (face turned away - he's the one holding the cigarette between his fingers)

Earl Holliman signing for a fan

Richard Anderson also signing for a fan

Lassie (which generation I have no idea) looking scared and confused

The house from "Apple's Way" tv show

The church from "The Flying Nun" tv show

The house from "Bewitched" tv show

The Western street from the "Kung Fu" tv show


Paul said...

Nice story and pictures, however the event was held in June, 1974 not in 1973. I attended with Miss Day and the event raised a great deal of money for a most worthy cause.

Bill Cappello said...

Thanks, Paul, for correcting me on the date. The photos were in a photofinishing envelope dated August, with no year, and since I went to L.A. on vacation in August 1973, I recalled the event being then. But now that you mention it, it would make sense that the event took place in June of 1974, when I had just moved to L.A. It was a hectic and confusing time in my life, trying to get settled and start a new job, and now, so many years later, my memory of such unplanned (for me) events may need some jogging from others who "were there" too. Thanks again, and I hope you're enjoying reading my postings.