Monday, February 18, 2008

Virginia Mayo

Virginia Mayo was a star in several 1940s movies. I liked her opposite Bob Hope in "The Princess and the Pirate" and opposite Danny Kaye in several of his movies, including "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "A Song is Born".

When I sent her a photo to sign for me, it was during a time when I was sending about 7 per week to various people, and in the haste to complete the mailings, I'd inadvertently sent Ms. Mayo a photo of Betty Hutton instead of herself! She returned the photo to me, with a handwritten admonishment at the bottom of my letter, and enclosed a current photo of herself.

I'd not yet sent what I thought was the Betty Hutton photo, as I was waiting to get an address for her. I looked inside the envelope and sure enough, the Mayo photo was there! I promptly sent it to Ms. Mayo, with a letter of apology, and she kindly signed the correct photo of herself.

From that point on, I was very very careful when sending photos, to avoid a repeat of what happened with this request.

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catsafterme said...

I never sent the wrong photo to the wrong person...but I did send Joan Fontaine a photo that she apparently didn't care for. She returned it and wrote "horrible photo" on the back and didn't sign it. She did send along another photo though!