Friday, February 8, 2008


It's only late Friday evening, but I already feel like I've worked right through the weekend. I have made a MAJOR UPDATE to my website tonight.

It's beginning to look more robust, as I continue to add pages. Tonight, I've added more than a hundred additional autographed photos, as well as more recipes, and new pages featuring some of my published research articles, photos of me with some of the "stars" I had the pleasure of meeting, and some autographs I purchased from other sources.

So please, take your time browsing the site and the various pages, and please leave comments!


Peter said...

I'm simply speechless Bill! Your site gets more fascinating every day. I also particularly enjoy the anecdotes you are sharing with all of us here in your blog - please, keep them coming!

Devin said...

Fascinating, Bill, I LOVE it, although I need to download a program to read the PDF files (my computer had a virus last year and I had to clear the hard drive completely). Keep the photos and articles coming!

Louis-Mathieu said...

Very impressive Bill. I knew you had pictures taken with actors but I'm happy that you now share them with everyone. Those stories/anecdotes you write on your blog are also great, this is what differentiates a website full of pictures from a website full of pictures and substance. Keep up the good work!

catsafterme said...

Lots of good stuff. In a few days you'll have more content than I do on mine!

MichelleVogel said...

Proud to know you Bill and glad to see you've finally gone and gotten yourself a website! About time you shared all of your knowledge with the rest of the world. I look forward to checking in regularly and seeing all of the new and exciting pictures and stories from the wonderful world of Bill :)


Michelle Vogel