Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dick Wilson - "Mr. Whipple"

Dick Wilson became a recognizable character actor on tv during the 1950s, but his claim to fame was as "Mr. Whipple" in a long-running advertising campaign for Charmin toilet tissue. The character was a supermarket manager, who would notice some customers talking about the softness of Charmin, at the same time squeezing the package. He'd walk up to them and tell them, "Please don't squeeze the Charmin", took the package into his own hands and, subtly, gently squeezed it himself.

He was in the phone directory, as I recall, living in North Hollywood. I was given his address by another autograph collector, and I matched it with the directory listing. I did call, and talked to his wife. She offered to pass along my request for a photo, and I let it go at that. After a month or so, still not receiving a photo, I wrote to Mr. Wilson. He replied with this note, a signed photo (it's printed on textured paper, so the scan isn't too sharp), and a fold-out card advertising Charmin on the cover and Mr. Whipple on the inside.

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