Thursday, February 21, 2008

Katherine Hepburn - Rejected Me!

I've loved Katherine Hepburn since first seeing her in the 1937 movie "Stage Door", which was about aspiring actresses living together in a boardinghouse. Since then, I sought out any available movie featuring Ms. Hepburn. Among other favorites are "Alice Adams" (1935), "Bringing Up Baby" (1938), "Holiday" (1938), and Frank Capra's "State of the Union" (1948).

In 1980, I sent Ms. Hepburn a photo, with my usual cover letter requesting it to be signed to me. I also enclosed a note card on which was reproduced an oil painting she'd created ( the note card was part of a series sold by the humane organization Actors and Others for Animals).

Well, I guess while Ms. Hepburn appreciated her fans, she didn't feel obliged to sign a photo, as she rejected my request, as per her letter to me. But she did sign her tiny photo on the back of the note card. She used a felt-tip pen and the signature isn't sharp and clear, but I had to be satisfied with this.

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