Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ian Wolfe - Requested MY Photo!

Ian Wolfe was a character actor who appeared in movies from the 1930s right through the 1980s. He also appeared in many tv shows from the 1950s on. He effectively played roles ranging from dramatic to comedic during his long career.

In 1980, I sent him a photo requesting he autograph it to me. He promptly returned it, with a brief inscription. But he "turned the tables" on me - he enclosed this little handwritten note, requesting a snapshot photo of myself! Did I comply? Yes, I did. I happened to have a few pictures of myself , taken a few years earlier, and I sent one to him, but I don't remember if I actually signed my name on it (probably did it on the back, but certainly not on the front).


catsafterme said...

Tom Poston did that to me once.

Gary Olszewski said...

I remember Ian Wolfe for only 2 memorable roles: That of Sidney Long in teh movie "Bedlam" (1946), and much later as Mister Atoz, the librarian, in Start Trek's "All Our Yesterdays" starring Marriette Hartley. He was great in both of them!