Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scatman Crothers

Scatman Crothers was an actor/singer/musician whose career started in the mid-1920s. His real first name was Benjamin, but because he specialized in a jazz style of singing called 'scat singing', which is improvising lyrics with nonsense words, he was given the name 'Scatman' in 1932 when he auditioned for a radio show in Dayton, Ohio.

Mr. Crothers started his movie acting career in the 1950s, and later became active on many tv shows, especially on animated series where he provided voices. However, I'll always remember him as 'Louie the Garbage Man' on the 1970s sitcom "Chico and The Man" for which he's best remembered.

In 1981, I wrote to Mr. Crothers, to his residence in Van Nuys, California, and requested an autographed photo, as I hadn't been able to find an appropriate one to send. He promptly replied in less than two weeks, with this photo.

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