Saturday, June 14, 2008

"In Search Of....The Real Marjorie White"

This is being posted as a courtesy to Gary Olszewski, who is researching for a comprehensive biography on 1930s actress Marjorie White. Please contact Gary directly if you have any information, materials, etc. to share.

In Search of….Marjorie White

Hi, Everyone! My name’s Gary Olszewski, I live in Henderson, Nevada, and I’m doing a comprehensive life bio of actress Marjorie White, her life and times, and her work. Been at this now for over three years, and still pushing ahead with the project. I’ve compiled just about all the demographic documentation available to include the birth records of her and all other family members, her immigration documents, all I can find about her death, as well as those others associated with her like Thelma Wolpa (her partner in the White Sisters act), husband Eddie Tierney, and several other people pertinent to her story. I’ve gone far and beyond, in depth, into her life, but there are still several areas open I’ve yet to gather information on. I’ll welcome any and all contributions of material I don’t yet have. This is a serious work of genealogy, light-hearted at times, but not at all funny, and far removed from the comedy of The Three Stooges.

Seeing her in WOMAN HATERS, I wondered “Who was she, and whatever became of her?” What started as an idle curiosity, has evolved into taking me deep into the disciplines of genealogical history, and I’ve made contacts in several different countries concerning this work, some far removed from the crux of the story, but all relating to her. I have hundreds and hundreds of files, photos, and references, on dozens of discs, anything anyone has and is willing to share to help me in this project, feel free to contact me with anything you might have or know of.. Thanks to all. Gary

GMZEWSKI@AOL.COM --- Phone: 1-702-565-3961

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Gary Olszewski said...

My life biography of Ms. White is complete as of September this year (at least usable in book-length form). Within the past few days, I've forwarded a copy of the book's synopsis to Bill, in hopes of selling it through the fan network, before (or in case it doesn't) get formally published. I thank everyone heartily for all the help they've given me in this work, see this latest post for ordering information. It makes very interesting reading for fans of early comedy, as well as valuable insights into history. call me for more info, you'll be pleased with the result!- Gary Olszewski