Saturday, June 7, 2008

John Newland

John Newland was an actor who became a director and producer of television series in the 1960s. He had acted in many dozens of tv shows, but will always be remembered as the host for the late 1950s anthology series "One Step Beyond", which presented dramatizations of 'true' paranormal events and personal experiences.

In the late 1970s, I called Mr. Newland at his home in Beverly Hills (he was listed in the phone directory) to tell him how much I enjoyed seeing the episodes of "One Step Beyond" which had been in syndication at the time. He asked that I call him at his office the following day, and gave me the number. I did call, and he told me he was producing a newer version, to be called "The Next Step Beyond". I recall seeing the latter, but it was only on for a dozen or so episodes before being canceled.

In the early 1990s, I wanted to contact Mr. Newland again, to ask for a signed photo. He was no longer listed in the Beverly Hills phone directory, so I called the Directors Guild in Los Angeles, and they gave me a phone number which was in New Mexico. I called, and talked very briefly to Mr. Newland. He said "You seem to be a nice fan, so here's my address and you can send me the photo". I sent him this photo and he returned it within two weeks. During our brief chat, I told him some of my favorite "One Step Beyond" shows, and that is probably why he wrote 'Good memories' in his inscription.

Here is the introduction by John Newland for the "One Step Beyond" show.

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