Friday, June 13, 2008

Charles Lane

Everyone knows Charles Lane! He was a character actor whose career began in the 1930s, and he made hundreds of appearances in movies and tv shows, right into the late 1990s. Everybody who has seen any number of movies over the years, has definitely seen Charles Lane.

Mr. Lane was listed in the Los Angeles phone directory, but I never called him, something I regret. I should have done so, even if it would have been a brief call, to tell him how much I appreciated his characterizations in so many movies. Instead, I sent him this photo, in 1985, and he returned it within a few weeks.

Charles Lane lived to the ripe age of 102 in 2007, having been retired for only about 10 years.

Below is a brief TVLand retrospective of his career, on his 100th birthday in 2005. He can be seen at the end with the birthday cake, and just listen to what he says!

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