Friday, June 27, 2008

June Lockhart

June Lockhart is a movie and tv actress who's perhaps best remembered for portraying the mother on two popular tv shows. The first is 'Ruth Martin' , mother of 'Timmy', in the late 1950s tv show "Lassie", and the second is 'Maureen Robinson' on the 1960s sci-fi show "Lost in Space".

Ms. Lockhart had a very active movie career before being cast in the above-mentioned two roles, but it is those for which I'll always remember her.

In 1981, I sent Ms. Lockhart this photo to her residence in Los Angeles, and she returned it, signed only, within a month.

Here is a 1991 brief retrospective on her career and what she was doing at that time. But Ms. Lockhart is still active, with several tv and feature credits in recent years.

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