Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pigmeat Markham - "Here Comes De Judge!"

Dewey Markham was a veteran performer of black theater, primarily vaudeville and night clubs, but also acted in some movies.

His most famous comedy routine was "Here Comes De Judge", in which he played the role of a judge listening to various 'cases'. The routine made a mockery of formal courtroom etiquette, and must be heard (and seen when possible) to be fully appreciated. The recording he made in 1968 has a cool funky beat accompaniment.

Mr. Markham lived in Bronx, New York during his later years, and I wrote to him in 1980, requesting an autographed photo. He sent two photos, which can be seen here and here. The second photo pictures him as "De Judge".

Here is the recording of "Here Comes De Judge", from 1968.

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