Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dorothy DeHaven - article by Frank Reighter

Here is a brief biography on Dorothy DeHaven, who was in some comedies of The Three Stooges, and a 'long lost player' until Frank Reighter made the right contacts. (Above photo of Ms. DeHaven in character in "Three Little Pirates").

Dorothy DeHaven has been one of the longest-looked-for Stooges Supporting Players for Ed Shifres, Bill Cappello and me. With their help, and a lucky eBay buy of a book called "Burlesque" (2004) by Jane Briggeman, and the key help of Joyce Moore, archivist of Special Collections at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV), I have located and spoken to Dorothy's adopted son, Richard Saunders, who confirmed her birth and death information, some of the "non-Stooge" details of her life, and will help me craft a biography for this formerly "long-Lost Stooge lady".

She was born in Rhode Island Oct. 27, 1909 and died in Monterey, CA Oct 1, 1996. In addition to "Three Little Pirates" (1946), she was one of the "senoritas" in "Cuckoo Cavaliers" (1940). She also had a very interesting and full life.

Thanks to everybody who assisted in this LONG search. It really shows that any of the ladies we're looking for may be only ONE clue away!

Frank Reighter c 2008

The photo below is a scene from "Cuckoo Cavaliers" with Ms. DeHaven on the left.

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Peter said...

While this is an interesting article, I wish that Frank would share some of the more intricate details of his quest in the way that you, Bill, do, or in the way that Brad does in his postings.

Also, Frank teases us by saying that Dorothy lived an "interesting" and "full" life, but shares none of such details.

A follow up article by Frank, including some of the above, would be most welcome.