Sunday, April 27, 2008

James Gregory - 'Inspector Luger'

James Gregory was a well-known character actor in many movies and tv shows from the 1950s through the 1980s. I've seen him as a guest on many shows, but it was as the brash 'Inspector Luger' on the 1970s sitcom, "Barney Miller", for which I'll always remember him. He played the character as a hardboiled 1940s movie detective we've seen so many times.

Recently I've been watching episodes of the 2nd season of "Barney Miller", released on dvd earlier this year. It was a long time since the release of the 1st season, so I've been eager to view some of these shows again.

I wrote to Mr. Gregory in 1982, and requested a signed photo. He sent me this publicity photo which, you may notice, is 3-hole punched on the left column, as it was one which was also sent to casting directors, to place into a binder.

His handwritten note on the back of the photo:
"Dear Bill: My hometown: New Rochelle. Do they still have big rivalry with Davis, in Mt. Vernon?".

He was referring to the high schools' sports teams' competition. I did write him, and told him there was still the traditional rivalry, but the Davis High School was now for 9th grade, and there was a properly named Mt. Vernon High School on the opposite side of the city.

Here is a YouTube video clip featuring James Gregory on a "Barney Miller" episode.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

I am glade to hear that you wrote to Mr. Gregory. I am even happier to hear that he replied to your query.

I used to watch that (Barney Miller) show as a kid. I would wait with baited breath, for Inspector Frank Lugar to show up.

Like every other actor on that show, he took a great character and made it better.

I was given copies of the series and started writing fan fictions for the show on I write under the name of Ra'Ay'Mond.

Of course Inspector Lugar has the only two-part story.

I am sad to say that many of the readers don't seem to remember the show (Barney Miller).

In an attempted to increase the number of readers, I have started writing cross-over stories were other characters from classic TV visit the ol' one-two (twelfth precinct) Ex: All in The Family, Green Acres, and Maude.

I am about to do some stories with the BM crew with The Honeymooners, The Odd Couple, The A Team, ETC.

Any way, thanks for sharing your James Gregory story.