Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gino Corrado's Restaurant

Since I mentioned Gino Corrado's restaurant in my previous posting about Gene Sheldon, I looked for the snapshots Gino sent me in 1976, soon after I was back in New York. These should have been posted in my blog about Gino, but my collection is stored in three separate locations at various distances from my residence, and only today was I able to get to the place where the "Letters from Gino Corrado Collection" is stored.

The restaurant was appropriately named "Gino's" and was located at 19727 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California. The two photos below are dated March 1963.

Gino's note on the back of the photo below: "My restaurant that I operated for 15 years. Lost it by fraud. One of my boys (help) sitting on a big tree stump".

His note on the back of this next photo: "Inside of the restaurant. Many celebrities used to come in my place. I served Northern Italy cuisine - the very best - finest wines".

The business at the address today is a hair salon, A Hair Raising Experience.


Ann said...

Just going thru some STUFF and a picture of Gino fell out of the book and gave me very good memories and wonderful food back in the mid 50's when we lived in the valley.
We haven't found a place like that and going there on many special occasions are unforgetable.
When I was pregnant with my first
daughter in 1956 he made me spaghetti with oil and garlic,can still remember it.
He was an actor forgot his last name wanted to do some searching.

Bill Cappello said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of Gino's Restaurant. For the record, Gino's family name was Liserani. The name he chose for his acting career, Corrado, was one of several of his baptism names.

Leonardo Liserani said...

Hello! I'm Leonardo Liserani, Florence, Italy. Gino was probabably a remote member of my family. I've found some letters between my grandfather and Gino. If you are interessed in I could send you, or post, pictures of them.


thevealchop68 said...

I never heard of Gino Corrado until this week. I collect old autographed photos of old silent-film stars. On ebay from one seller, I found a small archive of old film star photos inscribed to Gino Corrado. They were co-stars from back in the day when Gino was an actor. Gino's career was mostly small uncredited roles. There was a signed photo of clint eastwood inscribed to Gino. On the photo, Eastwood wrote "Best cook in town." Gino's restaurant operated around the time when a young Eastwood was on TV on Rawhide.

Anonymous said...

My name is Martin enjoyed reading your article about Gino Corrado, I began working at Gino's when I was 17
I was a dishwasher, busboy, waiter, chef then back to waiter. I worked there about 2 years.
Gino was a fantastic chef. His attention to detail in his recepies was an art.
I have never forgotten him. To this day I enjoy cooking and remember his excellent pasta dishes.
Martin G