Friday, April 25, 2008

A Couple of Centenarian Ladies - Estelle Winwood and Athene Seyler

Well, they were not quite centenarians when I sent them photos, but they were very close to it, and the oldest people I'd written to at that time.

Estelle Winwood was born in England and was a stage and movie actress there until she moved to America, where she continued her career in both movies and on tv. At the time I wrote to her, in 1980, she was 97. She was a resident of the Motion Picture Country Home in Woodland Hills for several years. She signed this photo and returned it within a couple of weeks. Ms. Winwood died in 1984 at age 101.

Athene Seyler was born in England too, but she lived there her entire life, appearing on stage and in movies and tv. I don't remember exactly where it was I wrote her, but I believe it was her residence. This was in 1980 when she was 91. It took more than a month to receive this signed photo, but that's the way the international mails can be. Ms. Seyler died in 1990, also age 101.

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