Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney - "Sugar Babies"

In the late 1970s, Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney teamed for a variety revue of singing, dancing, and all-around entertainment. The revue was "Sugar Babies".

I liked both Ms. Miller and Mr. Rooney for their individual roles in many movies I'd seen over the years. At the time I was actively collecting autographed photos, both were on the road with "Sugar Babies", so I knew if I sent photos to their home addresses, it would be a long long time before I'd get a reply.

Instead, I waited for the show to arrive on Broadway, in about 1980. It was at the Mark Hellinger Theatre.

I sent two photos each, to Ms. Miller and Mr. Rooney, at the theatre. Within a week, I received Ms. Miller's photos signed, and they can be seen here and here.

Some time had passed, and I thought I'd never get a reply from Mr. Rooney, but about a month later, he returned both photos, signed, seen here and here.

Neither of them personalized the photos to me, but I'm sure they had many to sign, both by mail and very likely in person too (at the stage door), so I'm happy to have their autographs as is.

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