Friday, April 11, 2008

Glynnis O'Connor

Glynnis O'Connor has been one of my favorite contemporary actresses since the 1970s. I've enjoyed her roles in several movies and some tv shows.

In 1979, I was browsing the movie books section at my local public library, and there was one other person doing the same. Because of our interest in the same subject, we got to talking. He introduced himself as Sean O'Connor, and while his name didn't mean anything to me, during the course of our conversation, he told me his mother and sister were actresses, Lenka Peterson and Glynnis O'Connor. The family lived in nearby New Rochelle.

We struck up a friendship, during which time we went out to lunch a couple of times, and I visited Sean at his home on more than one occasion, but I never had the opportunity to meet either his mother or Glynnis (though I did meet his father, who was an executive with NBC, and one of his brothers).

Sean promised to have Glynnis sign a picture for me, during one of her family visits (she was still quite active working in movies, and was in California most of the time). One evening, he visited me at my job as a projectionist, at the New Rochelle Mall Cinema, and presented me with this personally inscribed photo from Glynnis, as well as this one which she signed only.

Sean eventually moved to Los Angeles and became involved in the motion picture industry, too, as a digital movie FX artist.

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