Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shari Lewis and 'Lamb Chop'

Shari Lewis was one of my favorite puppeteer ventriloquists. She had her own tv show in the 1960s and I watched it with enthusiasm for two reasons: she was very pretty, and her puppets were very cute.

Of her three puppets, my favorite was 'Lamb Chop', who 'spoke' with a 'sassy' voice. The other two puppets were 'Charley Horse' and 'Hush Puppy' and while they each had their own 'personality', I loved little 'Lamb Chop' the most.

I wrote her this letter in 1983, in care of her agent, and she returned it to me, on which she noted the "new Lamb Chop puppet coming soon". Ms. Lewis also sent this signed photo.

I was very sad when I read of her death in 1998, at the too-young age of 65.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, check out this great appearance of Shari's, ripe for the Holidays:

'Hi Mom' starring Shari Lewis (1958)