Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Price of Gas - 1976 vs. 2008

While looking through some cartons I've had in a closet, I came across some papers pertaining to my cross-country trip in May, 1976, when I moved back to New York from California.

I was driving a 1974 Gremlin, manufactured by the long-gone American Motors Corporation, with a friend who flew to California to accompany me on the trip. The car was loaded with luggage and items I didn't want to send back to NY by post office.

Here's a breakdown of the cities we stopped in, for gas.

Left Sherman Oaks, Calif., 5/4/1976, at about 42,425 mileage.

Gas Fill-ups

Solvang, Ca., 5/4
San Jose, Ca., 5/5
Verdi, Nevada, 5/5
Valmy, Nevada, 5/6
Wendover, Utah, 5/6
Santequin, Utah, 5/7
Grand Junction, Colorado, 5/7
Denver, Colorado, 5/8
Lamar, Colorado, 5/8
Greensburg, Kansas, 5/9
Guthrie, Oklahoma, 5/9
Arrived Norman, Oklahoma, after Guthrie, and stayed 2 nights
Big Cabin, Oklahoma, 5/11
Leasburg, Missouri, 5/11
Springfield, Illinois, 5/12
Franksville, Wisconsin, 5/12
Howe, Indiana, 5/13
Parma Heights, Ohio, 5/14
Drums, Pennsylvania, 5/14

Arrived Mount Vernon, NY, 5/15/1976, at about 46,970 miles.

Total Miles: About 4545

Total Gas Gallons: 272.5

Total Gas Expense: $164.01

Average Price Gas per Gallon: 60 cents!!!!!!

This past month, my gas expense was $164, for 46 gallons. Average price per gallon: $3.56!!!

That same trip today would cost about $970 in gas.

My, how the cost of living has changed in 32 years!

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