Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lorenzo Tucker - "America's Black Valentino"

Lorenzo Tucker was a pioneer black actor, who started his career in the 1920s and ended in the late 1930s. He was one of the most popular leading actors in Black Cinema, and was known as "The Black Valentino" because of his handsome charming appearance, being compared to Rudolph Valentino.

Mr. Tucker appeared in several of legendary black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux's movies. While I had never seen a complete feature in which he appeared, I did see some clips in documentaries and thought him to be a very effective good actor.

Mr. Tucker was accessible, as he was listed in the phone directory. I called him and we had a brief chat about his movie work. He appreciated that I thought his cinema contributions to be of historical importance.

I was not able to find any photos of him, so he very kindly provided me with this recent (at the time - 1981) composite. He also enclosed a brochure showcasing his contributions to Black Cinema, both sides of which can be seen here and here.

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