Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dick Miller

Dick Miller is a character actor who's appeared in many movies from the mid-1950s right up to the present. Additionally, he's appeared in several tv shows. He was part of Roger Corman's stock company, and has been in most, if not all, of Corman's movies, usually playing supporting roles, but occasionally leads, too.

In 1980, I had some telephone directories for the Los Angeles area, and he was listed in the North Hollywood book, as Richard 'Dick' Miller. Rather than call, I wrote him a letter of appreciation of his acting, and requested a photo. He sent a neatly autographed photo, on which he wrote: "Dear Bill, I appreciate your appreciation. My very best. Dick Miller". He also enclosed this handwritten note: "Dear Bill, Thanks for them nice words. The real thrill and fun of being in this business, is the attitude & loyalty of fans like yourself. I really appreciate it. Most sincerely, Dick Miller".

A year later, I wrote him again, just to ask for some biographical information, as nothing much was available about him. Remember, this was in 1981, before the age of readily available information via the internet. He replied with this typewritten letter. I felt somewhat 'honored' to receive this letter, because as he wrote in one of the closing paragraphs: "I can not always answer all the mail and usually don't, beyond sending the requested photo. However, you caught me at a slow period and I felt I could squeeze it in". Very appreciative of his fans, indeed.

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