Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zacherley, "The Cool Ghoul"

John Zacherley has been known simply by the name Zacherley, for many years, after becoming a "hit" on local New York television in the 1950s and right through the 1980s. His family name is actually spelled 'Zacherle' but professionally he added the 'y'. For the past several years, he has been the resident "star attraction" at the Chiller Theatre Expos.

His entire biography can be read here.

Zacherley is a legend to those of us who grew up watching the many different local tv shows presented on various stations in the NY City area. I've always wanted to meet him, and tell him about my enjoyment of watching his tv antics during my youth, and after patiently waiting on line along with many other "Zach fans", I met and briefly chatted with him.

Zacherley was 90 at the time of the April show, and he is not very mobile. He sat on a raised chair behind a table covered with various photos he was selling. I bought this one, very happy to pay his fee of $20.

He also obliged his many fans by posing for photos with them. Here is the one of him and me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. He certainly looks in rather good shape for 90.