Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Larry Storch - Still 'Corporal Agarn"

In April, I attended the Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsipanny, New Jersey, with friends Peter and Brad. The Expo is presented twice a year, in April and October, and each event has dozens of celebrities appearing, each selling autographed photos and whatever else they have to offer, such as books and cd's. Of the many who were there, there were only five on my 'want list'.

One of the celebrities was Larry Storch, who is best remembered for his role as 'Corporal Agarn' on the 1960s tv sitcom "F Troop". Mr. Storch has had a very lengthy performing career, starting as a stand-up comic and impressionist. He has guest-starred in dozens of tv shows over the years, and appeared in many feature films.

At the Chiller Expo, Mr. Storch was seated at a table in a tent on the grounds behind the hotel. He was very cordial to everyone, and obviously appreciative of his fans, as shown in his willingness to pose for photos without charging anything. He was wearing the hat and scarf from "F Troop" (or perhaps they were replicas, I didn't ask), and here is the photo of us.

And here is the vintage character portrait he signed, for the minimal fee of $20.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Let's not forget that Mr. Storch also is a good friend of Tony Curtis and he appeared in a guest starring role in "The Persuaders" episode, "Angie, Angie" along side his old friend.