Monday, November 2, 2009

Gary Conway

Continuing with the celebrities I met at the Chiller Theatre Expo in April, next is Gary Conway. Mr. Conway first became known to me on the late 1960s tv science fiction show "Land of the Giants", on which he played the character 'Capt. Steve Burton'.

Mr. Conway had been an actor since the late 1950s, appearing in several feature films, as well as guest-starring on various tv shows. One of his earliest starring tv roles was as 'Detective Tim Tilson' on the mid-1960s series "Burke's Law" which starred Gene Barry as the title character 'Amos Burke'. I have belatedly become a fan of this series as it has recently been released on dvd.

Mr. Conway was another cordial person at the Chiller Expo, and he, too, was situated in the tent behind the hotel. We talked briefly about his time on "Burke's Law", of which he had fond memories.

Here is a photo of him and me.

And here is a vintage portrait photo he signed, for $20.


Anonymous said...

You've met some fascinating people! Apparently Gary Conway now makes wine. I guess it would have been illegal to sell where you met him, but was there any evidence of his wine business when you met him?

Bill Cappello said...

There was no "evidence" of his wine business. He wasn't even selling his book "Art of the Vineyard", only photos.