Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams was an English comic actor who is best remembered for his acting in the series of "Carry On..." movies, beginning in 1958. The "Carry On..." movies are a particular favorite of mine, because of their absurd and double entendre-filled humor. Some of my favorites are "Carry On Sergeant" (1958), "Carry On Nurse" (1958), "Carry On Cleo" (1964), "Carry On Cowboy" (1965), "Carry On Camping" (1968), and "Carry On At Your Convenience" (1971).

Mr. Williams was very active on British tv and stage in between his movie roles. He also had a brief recording career as a folk singer character named 'Rambling Syd Rumpo'.

I wrote to Mr. Williams 1982, requesting a photo. I sent the letter to his residence in England. He replied within one month, sending this post-card size photo.

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