Thursday, October 30, 2008

Captain Haggerty

'Captain' Arthur Haggerty was a well-known and popular dog trainer whose "students" went on to careers as attack dogs, guard dogs, rescue dogs, bomb sniffers, and even actors and actresses.

He was an Army K-9 Unit commander, and when he left the service, he established the Captain Haggerty School for Dogs in NYC. It was there where he became known as dog-trainer to many Hollywood and Broadway stars. He also provided dogs for advertisements as well as movies and tv shows.

Capt. Haggerty was a hulking figure, 6-feet 3-inches and over 300 pounds. He did some acting himself, appearing in "Shamus" (1973) with Burt Reynolds, "Home Movies" (1980), and "Married to the Mob (1988), as well as a few others.

In early 1983, Capt. Haggerty appeared on David Letterman's tv show, talking about his career as a dog trainer, and I recall he had some dogs with him to show how they followed his training techniques. The very next day, I wrote to him, in care of the tv show, and requested a photo.
He replied more than three months later, with this letter and signed photo.

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Babette Haggerty said...

Wow! Bill I bet that is typewritten letter was in green ink. It was my dad's IBM! I was just doing some research on my dad and I found this blog. THanks for posting it. You made me smile! I miss my dad each and every day!

BTW, I guess that you know that my dad inspired Lettermans' Stupid Pet Tricks.

Babette Haggerty