Monday, November 15, 2010

Sid Melton

I've always liked character actor/comic Sid Melton in the many movies and tv shows in which I've seen him, but never wrote a letter of appreciation to him. He's retired now, having last worked more than ten years ago.

While I've seen him in many movies, it's his various tv characters I'll always remember, from the 1960s through the 1990s. Mr. Melton played recurring characters on "The Danny Thomas Show", "Gomer Pyle", "Green Acres", "Make Room for Granddaddy", "The Golden Girls", and "Empty Nest".

A few months ago, friend Steve Cox sent me this signed photo of Sid Melton, to add to my collection.


Joe said...

I saw a segment of SVU that had a character actor in it who looked very much like Sid.
Can't help but wonder if it was him

Joe said...

I think I saw him on an episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent in the role of a remorseful widower.

Anonymous said...

He left us on Wednesday: