Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leon Askin - 'General Burkhalter'

Leon Askin was an Austrian-born veteran actor of the stage and movies for many years before he entered tv in the 1950s. He appeared on many shows in a variety of roles, both dramatic and comedic. Mr. Askin was adept at playing foreign characters who'd speak English but with a strong accent.

While I'd seen him in various movie and tv roles, it is as the character 'General Burkhalter' in the 1960s tv sitcom "Hogan's Heroes" for which I'll remember him.

In early February 1982, I sent Mr. Askin this photo, in character as 'General Burkhalter', to his residence in Beverly Hills, California. He returned it within two weeks.

Some years later, Mr. Askin returned to his native Austria where he continued to act and direct. He even had/has his personal website. The website is still online, and apparently is being maintained by somebody since Mr. Askin's death in Vienna in 2005, at age 97.

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