Monday, July 14, 2008

Jean Rogers - Selling her autograph in 1981

Jean Rogers was an actress who is best remembered for her role as 'Dale Arden' in a couple of "Flash Gordon" serials in the late 1930s. She appeared opposite Buster Crabbe, who was 'Flash'.

In September of 1981, I sent Ms. Rogers a photo to sign, and instead of autographing and returning it to me in the postage-paid envelope I provided, she sent me these two notes, plus the rather poor Xerox copies of two photos, requesting payment of $2.00 for each photo sent to her for autographing.

The notes were actually Xerox copies, except for her signature on each, and the 'Bill' and the 'P.S.' note on one.

This was the very first time I was asked by a celebrity to pay for an autograph, and I couldn't understand why she was doing this, as I'd sent her a photo with return postage. Yet she took the time to sign the two notes she sent me!

I replied to her, explaining that I wasn't going to pay for her autograph, and requested she return the photo to me. I was kind of hoping my reply would give her a guilty conscience and that she'd sign it anyway, but a week later I received it back, unsigned.

Here is the photo I sent her.
And here is one of her as 'Dale Arden', with Buster Crabbe as 'Flash Gordon'.

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