Sunday, January 27, 2008

The site has been born!

I've finally started constructing my website, Please feel free to visit any time, and I welcome your comments and suggestions. I will post updates here as they occur. Enjoy!


Catsafterme said...

Very nicely done site! The pictures load quickly. As a fellow autograph collector, I am extremely impressed with your collection. You got some great stuff at just the right time. The Larry Fine photos are particularly amazing. Please remember me in your will!

Can't wait to see more on your site.


Alex said...

Hi Bill,

The site is looking really good. It's simple but I do really like it, especially for someones personal website. I wish you good luck with the site.


Peter said...

Great site Bill! You have a remarkable autograph collection....and you haven't even shared all of it with us yet??! Amazing!

Do keep up the great work! I look forward to more!

Louis-Mathieu said...

Hi Bill,

Keep working hard on your website and eventually it will look so professional that a web design school will hire you as a teacher! Great collection, certainly one of a kind on the web.

Momcat said...

Very interesting. I remember so many of them. It's nice to read the comments they made with their autographs. Hope you are keeping your list current, and hope you have more to show us.